15 Feb

Prioritise, add ultimate value by training your brain to analyse the biggest value adding activities, impress yourself and upper management: The 80/20 principle - Richard Koch

How to negotiate, spot techniques of your opposition and influence your stakeholders to get to where you want to go: Influence - Cialdini

Read stories of how Thatcher, Rowling, Churchill, Curie and Tarsus followed specific principles to achieve unreasonable success. The key here, is that some were unremarkable but had the drive to succeed: Unreasonable success and how to achieve it - Richard Koch

Learn from great thinkers and doers, health and wealth to spiritual guidance. Some fantastic working examples and inspirational stories to fill you with confidence to go out and make you own mark in the World: Tools of Titans - Tim Ferris

Jocko and Leif walk you through their time in the Navy Seals, operating under extreme conditions and making critical decisions that resulted in saving and risking lives. An incredible insight into fast thinking underpinned by extreme ownership and critical, strategic thinking. Working examples related back to business helps you see how the tools they have used can be practically used within the working environment: 

Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink/Leif Babin


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