13 Feb

Even by implementing very strictly an 80/20 mindset and streamlining your day as much as possible, we can still fall foul to wasted time and fall into the transactional abyss!

Sometimes, although paradoxical, it is very wise to stand back from the multiple items on your to do list, clear the mist in your mind and reassess.

Even the great minds of Tim Ferris, Elon Musk, Pareto himself will default back momentarily into transactional thinking. Even Elon himself must find himself struggling to put the nappy on his new daughter and then energise himself to look at the latest update to his rocket propulsion systems for Space-X!

Recently I have found that my own doctrine and clear path of thinking has been misted and I needed to take time out.

Completely stepping away from the second to second decisions being made.   'Hold on one second, when did I agree to that? Oh dear, that was when I was trying to decide what to do on the other 5 items at the time'.

Step away, take the time to strategically build the blocks back up in your mind. Although it will feel like you are stepping away from your priorities, you may find by clearing your mind and taking time to rethink, your priorities are turned on their head.

As our friend Jocko Willink states from his army days:

Relax, Look around, Make a call.

Take time out to make time.


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