20 Feb

If you are a UK business, you will not be the only one currently paddling against the strong tide of charges washing over you if you are dealing with imports from the EU into the UK.

From charges per commodity code to increased container costs and freight charges.

The Brexit 'Deal' now seems to be the green light for EU shipping companies to overcharge with no care for any consequence.

The monopoly the current shipping companies are creating is similar to the individuals selling hand sanitiser at hugely inflated rates at the beginning of the covid pandemic (to be frank, disgusting).

An excuse to claw revenue back and make more money to sail off into the sunset. Some say it is business, I would not.

It is more important than ever to keep close communication with suppliers and work with them to ensure supply and more importantly viability of products (margin is still worthwhile).

You are not on your own if you feel like the actual scenario is a 'no deal'......keep open comms and speak to your network to check on the route through......Talk, navigate, resolve.........collaborate.


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