The Ultimate Purchasing philosophy is simple, use simple tools to analyse your supply base in order to concentrate your efforts on adding pure value to your team and business.

Why? Working in Procurement for 15+ years growing tired of not having the correct tools on hand that were affordable and simple to use. Too many hours spent searching for tools online to help format data. No tools to show Procurement knowledge, expertise and control, so we decided to create them, and here we are. 

We stand with you, still working in Procurement and fighting the battle everyday, our tools should give you a refreshing outlook and channel for other stakeholders to see the value you create.

Pareto invented the 80/20 rule and we are strict followers of this idea very much like the popular diets of Plant, Paleo and Vegan. We commit, use it every day and benefit physically (free time to exercise, stop working long hours) and mentally.

Strip out the unnecessary and time sapping transactional activities to propel your career and remove those daily psychological drains!

We have free and paid tools to help you on your climb to the summit. The summit can be anything, you need to ensure the summit is your own goal and not one that is inherited (you are your own person, trust your instinct and follow your gut).

Be good to yourself, watch our YouTube videos, utilise the tools and you will see the value of managing risk, concentrating on strategic activities and freeing up your time.

Our tools help you analyse suppliers, recognise leverage, target relationships, manage spend, take care of commercial and quality risk and so much more.

Thanks for reading and welcome to the tribe. 

Ultimate Purchasing