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Ultimate Procurement Excel Templates

We provide the cheapest excel Procurement templates on the market that will provide you with the highest value of return, these include: - Spend analysis - Relationship analysis - Contract status - Savings thermometer - 80/20 issues - Track supplier finance health - Categorise spend - track performance.

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No, once purchased you will receive a download with the excel files you have purchased, along with videos and tutorials with some of the tools.
Yes, the price you see is a one time payment, no subscriptions or login information necessary.
Pay for the tool, download the files, plug and play using the excel software already downloaded on your computer.
These tools should work with the almost all Excel versions, we haven't had any issues yet with customers specific Excel versions.
Some templates do have password protect, most do not have this feature. If you are asked for a password, please use brickwork.
Yes, there are no issues with this.

We only ask that you do not share the templates to a wide audience, realistically, the price you pay is for a single licence. It can be shared within your company, but by purchasing the product you agree to our Terms & Conditions stipulating your agreement not to share wider than your current organisation.
We are available for any queries related to the spreadsheets, the majority of the time, fixes are simple and can be implemented in a matter of seconds. Please email

We think it is great that you love the product so much to share. But we do ask to keep sharing to a minimum, i.e. for yourself and within your current organisations team.
By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions upon purchase, you are agreeing to not share the material to a wide audience, online or through other mediums.

We encourage you to share the effectiveness of the tool so others may be inclined to join you and purchase a tool, but we ask to keep the templates to yourself and your internal organisation only.
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